Sandy Hopkins

woven baskets

Sandy Hopkins is a basket maker and wheat weaver. She learned from some of the best basket makers in the Northeast such as Dianne Stanton, JoAnn Kelly Catsos, Jill Choate and Flo Hoppe. Now Sandy creates her own basket designs, dyes her own reed and creates a variety of straw and wheat ornaments and dollies.  She likes to make traditional Cherokee and Shaker designs, rib baskets with antlers, and Nantucket style baskets. Her traditional wheat designs are primarily made with black bearded and turkey red wheat. Basket materials include hand pounded black ash, Hamburg cane, waxed linen, reed, wood splints and bases.  She lives with her husband Bill, and dog Dakota, on a small farm in Fork Union, VA.  They raise cows, chickens and broom corn for handmade brooms and swags.




Works by Sandy Hopkins

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